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Aerial Yoga La Mesa

Aerial Yoga is a practice where a hammock setting of special tricot fabric is utilized to support, aid, deepen or in some experiences explore a new way of basic yoga poses. Aerial yoga has been known to help trauma survivors, people with chronic back and neck pain all while learning to trust and let go. This is because Aerial yoga aids in a decompression of the spine and in most poses you do not put the traditional pressure that you would on the mat. At first aerial silk can been a bit intimidating or even scary but soon becomes fun and invigorating because it gives most the ability to loosen up where they have been holding tension. Many look at The aerial fabric to be more of a prop for assistance then a challenge they have to overcome.  At Tranquil Earth Yoga we cater to all ages, sizes and abilities. You can come to any class an quickly forget that you are intimidated. We create a fun and inviting space. We also offer a low hammock Yin class for those that may still be a little fearful or are nursing a injury. Our low hammock class is more to deepen and restore the body.