Welcome To Tranquil Earth Yoga Studio

Intentional Feng Shui & Vision Board

I know what brought you here! You are searching for the answers to solve the problems in your life. Whether it be; marriage, finance, family, business, career, health, stability, love life, relationships, fertility, fear,  motivation or growth? You have that feeling within you that things can and have to get better. I too can relate to a stagnant flow of energy, where you feel like everything in the universe is against you.  It’s that feeling you get when you carry weight on your shoulders in life from your journey at hand, when the act of physically breathing becomes difficult, you have so many emotions built up and you don’t know how to release, maybe even setting goals is difficult and seems out of reach. Whatever it is you find yourself with a desire to fix it in some way or explore options. Did you know that the way a space is set up can drastically effect your physical, mental, and emotional well being in turn effects your entire quality of life?

“Feng” “Shui” means “wind” and “water”, it is an ancient form of Chinese art used for thousands of years to stabilize and harmonize lives. The Chinese believe that when the energies are favorable to you within space, the lower the risk for negative events to take place. It has been said that it “open’s your eyes of your eyes to your eyes”.  Utilizing elements such as; earth, fire, wood, water and metal to align and invite an even flow of energy into your space. Feng Shui is valuable addition to your home, office, business, bedrooms, living spaces and so much more. In time it will support, relationships, production, sense of security, peace, tranquility of flow and so much more.

Here at Tranquil Earth Yoga we work closely with our Feng Shui specialist Angie, founder and owner of Fuengshuiforeveryone,here in local San Diego. Applying the use of Feng Shui into our space has allowed us to touch onto an amazing journey. We together have designed a unique workshop in which we combined Feng Shui and Yoga to move stagnant energy within the body making room for clarity to access full intentional Feng Shui. Crystallee and Angie inform and guide you into a view of your own future and space. Envision  a collection of diverse images, words and items that portray your desires and goals. Feng Shui teaches us the importance  of providing ourselves with safe, clear energy that is not only positive but supports what we want to achieve in life or current situations. It is important to be in a space that has a good feeling and energy that flows well for you, but it is equally important to use this when setting goals.