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Restorative Yoga La Mesa


What is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative yoga is a safe and gentle practice for all ages and sizes. Restorative yoga is used to channel the Vagus Nerve, this is the 2nd largest nerve in the body. It stems through the spine and leads into the brain. Our vagus nerve controls the heart, digestive tract, autonomic nervous system. In other words this controls the fight or flight mode within the body. Our first response to danger. When doing restorative yoga you are toning that vagus nerve and swaddling the body and the mind to create a smoother restoration and renewal effect. Similar to the swaddling of a baby. We find many people utilizing this class when needing a break, stress relief or maybe even nursing an injury. At Tranquil Earth yoga our class is specifically designed to calm the mind and para-synthetic nervous system which aids in focusing thoughts and breathe while using props and bolsters to maneuver the body into unique relaxing poses.  Sound, poetry, meditation and and gentle music aid the body to rest and renew.