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Smudging and Rituals La Mesa

Have you ever wanted to know how to smudge or perhaps what smudging is, what it is meant to accomplish or even how to know if you are doing it right? Smudging involves the burning of herbs, resin, items or intentions in your own unique ceremony. This came from early practices of the indigenous people. Used to cleanse, bless, clear or raise your spirit. Sage is one of the most commonly used herbs used to smudge. Many items may be added to a bundle to accomplish your primary goal. Smudging has also been used to clean or purify the body with use of specific elements within spiritual ceremonies to rid of negative factors that cling to the body, soul and spirit as well. Did you know that burning only sage can release negative ions but also neutralize positive ions like; pet dander, mold, dust, and even pollution, but can also kill some common bugs like mosquito.

What if I told you that at Tranquil Earth Yoga we teach you how! We hold a specific workshop designed to teach you the art of making your own smudging bundle along with a ritualistic tea. Set new intentions every month, new beginnings and use your goal setting for security to enliven you inner spirit, awaken your senses and heighten your affirmations. Crys and Cindy dive deep into the herbs and items while building the bundle and gaining a new ritual with every workshop.