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Mat Yoga

Breath, meditation, mantras, movement, flow and restore all on the mat. Here at Tranquil Earth Yoga, we offer a full arrangement of traditional yoga classes that cater to all ages and sizes. Balance of spirit and mind. Strengthen the body, heart and soul on the mat.


Aerial Yoga

We utilize top grade aerial fabrics, with rock climbing grade materials in a hammock setting. However, you do not have to be an acrobat to practice aerial yoga. Aerial yoga is much like mat yoga with the use of the silk, you can fly high or fly low, it’s your choice. Benefits of Aerial yoga practices are proven to aid in decompression of the spine, tone the vagus nerve by fueling positive waves to the para synthetic nervous system. Exercise the entire body, release muscle tension, increase memory, enhance flexibility, breathe and balance all while having fun.


Buti Yoga

A unique soulful blend of a powerful yoga practice. “Buti” is a sandscrit word, meaning “a treasure that has been kept secret". A blend of Kundalini, cardio intensive tribal dance, conditioning and deep abdominal toning. This all in one tones and sculpts the entire body, while facilitating complete inner transformation. If you are looking for a not so traditional form of yoga to burn calories, dance a little, its a must try! We find many teens, both men and women among our tribe. All levels are welcome, please come prepared to sweat with full intention!


Kids Yoga

Tranquil Earth Yoga loves to work with our youth. Children are our future! We find that molding the minds of our little ones by teaching them many the values of yoga make our world a better place. Children have many stresses within today’s society. Allow us to help them grow in a healthy fun way. Where their time and voices can be heard and there imaginative minds can play on the mat or in the silk.


  • Hatha 1 Two*
  • Aerial Flow*
  • Serenity & Sound*
  • Hot Yoga
  • Sunrise Hatha*
  • Alchemy Of Yin*
  • Aerial Flow Up
  • Invigorating Vinyasa*
  • Deep Release Hatha*
  • Family Aerial
  • Kids Aerial
  • Deep Release Hatha*
  • Yin Fuzion*
  • Vinyasa Fuzion*


  • Balance
  • Serenity & Sound*
  • Tranquil Hatha Flow*
  • Deep Release Hatha*
  • Aerial Yin, Low Hammock
  • Tuesday Night Bliss
  • Alchamy Of Yin
  • Yin/Yang*
  • Breathe, energize, restore


  • Balance
  • Serenity & Sound*
  • Tranquil Hatha Flow*
  • Rest & Restore
  • Aerial Yin, Low Hammock
  • Tuesday Night Bliss
  • Breathe, energize, restore

these classes are interchangeable between gentle & active depending on your level of practice & every instructor is different

Why choose Tranquil Earth?

Our goal is for all yogis to have fun while strengthening their minds and bodies! We don’t care whether you’re
just starting out. Tranquil Earth Yoga Studio is ready to meet and accept you where you are in your journey!


Our Beliefs

We believe that yoga is for everyone! We always say, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga!” We believe in sharing the happiness that yoga brings.

We believe in open-mindedness and versatility. Our practice explores all of the physical and spiritual extensions that yoga has to offer.

We believe that no yogi knows it all, so we are always expanding our knowledge to cater to the needs of any client that walks through our door.


Our Lifestyle

Our lives revolve around yoga! We take every opportunity to get involved in our community through local humanitarian and yoga-based activities. We also support the causes that mean the most to our yoga community and create awareness for them using our influence.


Our Facility

We are an independent yoga studio conveniently located at 8691 La Mesa Blvd La Mesa, CA 91942.

You can find us amid the energy and bustle of our city, surrounded by vibrant eateries, cafes, and shops.

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8691 La Mesa Blvd
La Mesa, CA 91942

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